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    • Katherine L. Tucker, Ph.D.
      Principal Investigator
      University of Massachusetts Lowell
    • Esther Carver, MPH
      Senior Research Manager
      University of Massachusetts Lowell
    • Campus Location:
      Dugan Hall, Suite 110 
      883 Broadway Street
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      Center for Population Health
      University of Massachusetts Lowell
      Weed Hall
      3 Solomont Way, Suite 4
      Lowell, MA 01854
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Participating in the seventh annual Clinical and Translational Science Research Retreat held at UMass Medical School on May 16, 2017 were: (from left to right) Yunsheng Ma, MD, Ph.D. (UMass Medical School); Yu Cao, Ph.D. (UMass Lowell); Katherine Tucker, Ph.D. (UMass Lowell); Katherine Luzuriaga, MD (UMass Medical School); Benyuan Liu, Ph.D. (UMass Lowell); Marlon Fernandes de Alcantara, Ph.D. (UMass Lowell); Suzanne Leveille, Ph.D. (UMass Boston); and Wei Ding, Ph.D. (UMass Boston).