Please note that several of the original Yale-CMU-Berkeley (YCB) objects are no longer available and have been replaced. All changes are logged in the YCB Object Set Versions Google document as different versions of each object. The changes are summarized below. Additionally, the cost of the kit has now increased by $100 due to the increasing cost of the source materials.

  • Object ID 6, Master Chef Coffee can has been replaced with a Maxwell House coffee can
  • Object ID 22-23, Pitcher Base and Lid are the same dimensions, but different colors
  • Object ID 29, Spatula now has a different handle and the blade is straight instead of curved
  • Object ID 32-33, Skillet and Lid are now black with a slightly different handle
  • Object ID 47, Power Drill model LDX172C has been replaced with model BDCD8C
  • Object ID 49, Mini Soccer Ball is now blue and red and slightly larger than before
  • Object ID 50, Soft Ball now reads "Thunder" instead of "Lightning"
  • Object ID 69, Magazine that featured a beach has been replaced with an issue featuring a crashing wave

The replacement objects may not have corresponding 3D models in the dataset. The replacements were chosen based on availability and similarly in dimensions and visual appearance. Note that the labels on some food products may vary slightly from product to product, but we do our best to reduce this variation.

Use this form to request a quote for receiving a YCB Object Set from YCB Benchmarks - Object and Model Set, provided by the UMass Lowell NERVE Center. After this form is submitted, you will be contacted within 1-2 weeks to provide further information such that a quote and estimated shipping cost can be calculated. When the quote is issued, additional information will be provided regarding lead time and instructions to submit payment.
If you are looking for the object models (i.e., meshes, point clouds, images) they can be downloaded here: YCB Object Models.

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