UMass Chan Medical School, located in Worcester, Massachusetts, offers access to expertise and consultation across a broad range of medical areas. With its clinical system partner, UMass Memorial Medical Center, UMass Chan Medical School can support clinical trial needs and ensure efficient study conduct from initiation through study close-out.

UMass Chan Medical School is also the administrative home of the University of Massachusetts Center for Clinical and Translational Science, which focuses on accelerating the translation of basic discoveries into practical solutions that improve human health and to developing the next generation of leaders in clinical and translational research.

As a central point of contact, the Office of Clinical Research (OCR) can identify interested and experienced clinical investigators and assist them with recruitment and retention plans that maximize participation throughout the life cycle of the study. With 760 beds on three Worcester campuses, UMass Memorial Medical Center provides a rich resource for potential clinical trial enrollees.

Medical device and technology studies currently cross various therapeutic areas, including cardiology, plastic surgery, diabetes, infectious disease, neurodegenerative diseases, interventional radiology, digestive diseases, orthopedics, pediatrics, general surgery and intensive care for adults, children and newborns. UMass Chan Medical School contribution to M2D2 includes:

  • Access to key opinion leaders and clinicians in a wide variety of disciplines
  • Feasibility review and study budget assessments
  • Thorough and timely review of Clinical Study Agreements
  • Regulatory support for IRB and FDA communications
  • Continuing education of investigators and research staff in Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
  • Additional core services including biorepostory, bioinformatics and statistical support
  • Quality Improvement Initiative
  • Clinical Research Center, with dedicated research space (four exam rooms, infusion room, small laboratory), regulatory support and experienced research coordinators

Some Equipment of This Space

  • Nikon Eclipse E400
  • Three full size 4C refrigerators
  • Nikon Eclipse TE2000-S
  • Three full size -20C freezers
  • ThermoFisher 1345 4ft Class II A2
  • Millipore Synergy UV-R water system
  • Forma 3110 Series II C02
  • Two ducted chemical fume hoods
  • Hermle Z230A Microcentrifuge
  • Liquid Nitrogen
  • Eppendorf 5804 R
  • Access to 4C cold room and 37C warm room
  • Buchi L-200 Pro Lyophilizer
  • Chemical and biological waste disposal services
  • Molecular Devices Spectrmax 340 plate reader
  • PH Meters

A Clinical Researcher's Perspective

David M. Harlan, MD, is one of many researchers at the UMass Chan Medical School campus who taps into the services of the Office of Clinical Research to facilitate his clinical and translational research. For over 25 years Dr. Harlan has been interested in understanding the underlying causes of diabetes and has become quite involved with efforts to improve diabetes care delivery systems. He has conducted federally supported projects and has collaborations with industry.

"This wonderful institution has opened several opportunities for my group to expand scientifically through numerous collaborative relationships. The office of Clinical Research and Clinical Research Center at UMass Worcester are great resources for scientists conducting clinical research." he says.

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