Advanced Silicon Group logo - with the words Advanced Silicon Group and four dark circles in a diamond pattern to the left of it.

Advanced Silicon Group

Advanced Silicon Group is taking nanowire biosensors from concept to reality. Using novel patented and proprietary silicon nanowire technology, ASG is developing biosensors capable of rapidly detecting and measuring dilute concentrations of multiple proteins from a single drop of sample solution. We are initially targeting the detection and measurement of proteins in biopharmaceutical manufacturing where our technology should enable better detection and control of impurities resulting in lower cost medications with fewer side effects. Once developed we envision many potential applications in medicine and the life sciences including in areas such as cancer therapeutic diagnostics where more timely and accurate diagnosis can lead to better treatment and longer better lives for patients. Our long term vision is to make diagnostics low cost and rapid so that more people have access to good health and medical care.

Gel-4-Med Logo_Gel4Med, the Smart Materials Company paving the way to the future of regenerative medicine


Gel4Med is preclinical stage company focused at advancing tissue regeneration utilizing its smart materials technology. Founded out of the Harvard Innovation Lab (Harvard University) and M2D2 (University Massachusetts), Gel4Med has raised seed funding from notable investors like Peter Thiel, NIH, NSF, DoD to fund our products engine. Gel4Med's will initially focus on improving the outcomes in integument tissue regeneration, a large market ripe for innovation. In 2020, we will launch our first product that aims to enable surgeons with a topical antimicrobial regenerative matrix technology to address treatment needs of over 8 Million Americans with difficult to treat infected wounds.

RevBio Logo with the letters: REVBIO and the words Transforming Bine Repair underneath it.


RevBio is developing adhesive solutions for bone repair. Patients and doctors desire better products to repair bone that provide immediate load-bearing strength to achieve a faster and less painful return to activity. Tetranite® is an injectable, synthetic biomaterial and will be the world’s first bioresorbable bone adhesive that has instant adhesive strength to treat fractured bone and stabilize metal hardware in compromised bone through less invasive procedures. The commercialization of this unique biomaterial will revolutionize treatment options and improve the standard of care.

NPT Logo_Nuclease Probe Technologies harnesses the power of enzymes produced by bacteria to determine the most effective antibiotic therapy required to treat patients with a life-threatening condition called Sepsis

Nuclease Probe Technologies

Nuclease Probe Technologies harnesses the power of enzymes produced by bacteria to determine the most effective antibiotic therapy required to treat patients with a life-threatening condition called Sepsis. Sepsis is a leading cause of disease and death worldwide. 270,000 people die each year in the US and Sepsis costs US hospitals over $24 Billion annually. NPT delivers gold standard lab results 10 X faster than current laboratory instruments allowing for early intervention with targeted antibiotics. Early treatment has been shown to save lives, make patients better faster, and reduce length of stay.

Logo for Versatope Therapeutics - graphic of various shapes going further and further out in a circular pattern.

Versatope Therapeutics

Versatope Therapeutics is an immuno-therapeutic company that uses recombinant outer membrane vesicles (OMVs) to deliver therapeutics and vaccines with superior effectiveness to current methods. The team is developing a universal influenza vaccine candidate that combines and displays multiple sequences from diverse strains of flu virus on a single nano-vesicle. Versatope uses protein structures and analytical software to design vaccines using domains of proteins that are less likely to change, with the potential for protection against multiple seasonal and pandemic strains of influenza.