FIBER, "Facilitating Industry by Engineering, Road mapping and Science" banner.

The FIBERS (Facilitating Industry by Engineering, Roadmapping and Science) Composites Manufacturing Industry Consortium was established through a two-year grant from NIST AMTech Program to strength U.S. Composites manufacturing and innovation by:

  1. forming a consortium of composites manufacturers and suppliers, government labs, academics and non-profit organizations and
  2. developing a road map to identify the challenges and gaps in the composites manufacturing industry, identify research and development priorities, and create a network of stakeholders prepared to foster solutions.
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The Composites Manufacturing Industry Roadmap was published on August, 31, 2017.

Additionally, the roadmap was summarized in an article in the September/October 2016 issue of "Composites Manufacturing."

At CAMX 2017, Associate Dean of Engineering James Sherwood, Ph.D., presented a summary of the Roadmap outcomes (Presentation).

Please contact the FIBERS Leadership Team with any questions.