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Intergenerational Voices on Women in Science and Engineering Conference

WorkingWISE1The Project Working WISE invitational working conference, “Intergenerational Voices on Women in Science and Engineering” gathered a community of racially and ethnically diverse national leaders, research scholars, working scientists and engineers, government and business representatives, educators and heads of professional organizations, and younger faculty, professionals and graduate students. During the conference, participants took part in collaborative small theme-based group discussions. Working in intergenerational, interdisciplinary groups, conference attendees identified what has changed for women in the STEM fields over four decades and developed specific proposals for future research, public policy and workplace action. An edited volume consisting of concept papers from all of the groups will be distributed widely to academic, industry and public policy audiences.

The goal of this working conference was to create diverse intergenerational visions for action (DIVAs) to promote the advancement of women in STEM fields. More specifically, the conference format enabled groups to articulate priorities for future research and policy by theme.

Conference Themes:

  • Educational Pathways for Women in STEM Careers
  • Job and Organizational Factors
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Work-Related Discrimination

During the conference day, participants worked in groups to outline a three to five page concept paper in response to a Request for Proposals (RFP).  This RFP was written by the conference organizers and (unfortunately) does not represent an opportunity for real funding. The assignment of participants to teams was based on professional experience, declared interests and generation represented.

By the end of our one-day gathering, we had concept papers outlined for each of the four themes.  At the end of the conference day, we then asked for volunteers to author/co-author an extended version of these concept papers, to be pulled together into an edited volume. Once completed, the edited volume will be widely disseminated to academic, industry and public policy audiences.