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Travel Office

The Travel Office is a hybrid service center comprised of associates crossing both the Purchasing and Accounts Payable functions.

Together with the other four campuses, we leverage university-related travel to offer the lowest available airline, hotel, auto rental and rail service discounts, and more streamlined administration of reimbursements.

Systemwide Travel Program

In order to facilitate university-related travel in the most efficient and cost effective manner, the university system has implemented a managed travel program whereby university business-related travel reservations are streamlined through two agencies. This process also protects travelers against the risk of loss and maintains the necessary controls for accountability. 

The benefits available to university travelers include:

  • Discounts: We have leveraged discounts negotiated through a consortium of Massachusetts-based academic and healthcare institution. By utilizing select travel site/agencies, we can offer significant savings opportunities to university travelers, resulting in the lowest available prices for airline, hotel, auto rental and rail services. 
  • Emergency Management: University employees traveling on international business may be more easily located and made aware of university-sponsored programs should emergency services be required.