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Steps for Writing the SOW

Steps for Writing the SOW Document

  1. Provide background on the requirement, including the objective or purpose.
    Consider citing funding source information, historical precedent, or parallel sourcing efforts that provide additional information on your requirement.
  2. Define the requirement and/or the services to be provided.      
  3. List the specific tasks to be performed by Supplier.
    Categorize tasks as either major or sub-tasks.
    Organize tasks in chronological order.
    Define Supplier’s level of effort and all Supplier responsibilities.
  4. Specify all required results and/or deliverables. Specify required milestones and due dates.
  5. Identify the Period of Performance.
    The Period of Performance defines the anticipated Start Date and End Date for Supplier’s performance.
  6. Identify Acceptance Criteria. Methods include:
    Acceptance Testing
    Quality Review
    On-Time Delivery
    On-Site Installation
    Tying deliverable acceptance to objective metrics or Customer judgment are preferred approaches.
  7. Identify how deliverables will be monitored. Methods include:
    Inspection upon Receipt
    Milestone Reviews
    Contractor Reports