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Removal for Repair or Loan

Unless a specific process has been developed and approval granted by the Property & Asset Management Team, the following procedures must be followed:

Removal of Property for Repair

The Asset Custodian or Inventory Coordinator creates a purchase requisition for the repair service which contains the property tag number.  The Inventory Coordinator keeps track of the equipment and keeps the shipping documentation or signature of the one transporting the equipment on file with a copy of the purchase order until the property is returned in working order.  The repair information is considered in any ongoing inventory.

Loan of Property to Off-Campus Entities

When a piece of inventoried equipment is loaned to another collaborator or research group, the outside entity should fill out and sign the Change of Property Department/Location (pdf) form.  This form should be kept on file with the department/area’s Inventory Coordinator. 

The Property Coordinator will update the asset management system to reflect the new location, with a comment noting the name, organization, and contact information of the person the equipment is on loan to.  

When the property is returned in same condition, the slip should be marked as returned and Inventory Coordinator should notify the Property Coordinator within 5 business days.

Any dispute regarding the returned condition of property must be reported to the Property & Asset Management Office.