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Property must not be thrown out or given away without prior authorization from the Property and Asset Management Office.

Fill out the appropriate online form, depending upon your best determination of the property’s re-usable or unusable status, and send it to the Property and Asset Management Office. Our team may then need to inspect the property to be disposed.

Depending on storage availability, the property will either remain in the department, be brought to a central storage area, or be sent to Environmental and Emergency Management department until a disposition determination has been made. Please do not put any unwanted equipment in corridors or other unsecured common areas.

The Property Coordinator, along with Information Technology personnel, will be responsible for ensuring that any device containing private or sensitive information is disposed of via a secure asset disposal process governed by the Sanitation and Disposal of Information Resources Policy (IT-5-113), UMass Lowell.

Items requiring special disposition include, but are not limited to:

If there is a disposal cost, the department may also be asked to bear the cost.