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Shipping Instructions

Please have items shipped directly to you if possible. Tell the vendor that the address label/packing list that accompanies the package(s) must contain the following information:
Attn: Cardholder Name
Cardholder Title
Department, Building, Room #
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Street Address (i.e., University Ave, Broadway St., etc.) 
Lowell, MA  01854-(plus 4 code)
All items must be shipped to a university address. Purchases may not be shipped your home or an alternate address without prior written approval.
Under no circumstances should the vendor indicate the cardholder's ProCard number on any address labels or packing lists, which would threaten the security of the card. 
Please note that, by law, vendors are not permitted to bill your credit card for purchases until the items have been shipped. In most instances, your account will be debited within 48 hours after the vendor ships your merchandise.
Please instruct the vendor to have any receipts or other documentation sent directly to you. Any original receipts related to your ProCard purchases that are received in the Accounts Payable Office will be forwarded to you to maintain with your records.