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Restricted Purchases

Certain purchases may not be made with a ProCard. Any exception to this list requires documented approval prior to purchase. If you are not sure if a purchase is allowable, please contact ProCard Services.

The ProCard shall not be used to purchase the following commodities or services:

  • Alcoholic beverages (exception may be sought when purchase is deemed to serve the university's interest and is pre-approved by the appropriate Dean or Vice Chancellor)
  • Animals (live) and animal related purchases (including feed, bedding)
  • Cash advances of any type
  • Computer systems, i.e. any type of configurable device such as PCs, laptops, tablets, etc...
  • Construction and renovations (with the exception of the Facilities Department)
  • Contributions and donations
  • Debit cards/gift cards/phone cards
  • EBay and other internet auction site purchases
  • Employment ads
  • Entertainment-related expenses [only allowed in limited circumstances per the Business Expense & Reimbursement Policy (FS-2-104), UMass Lowell
  • Firearms of any type (with the exception of the University Police Department)
  • Food purchases for on-campus events from supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants, etc... Food for on-campus events must be provided by University Dining Services. Food for on-campus events must meet the requirements of the Business Expense & Reimbursement Policy (FS-2-104).
  • Flowers, gifts and cards - only allowed in limited circumstances per the Business Expense & Reimbursement Policy (FS-2-104)
  • Gifts showing gratitude to another employee, awards, or gifts in recognition of service - only allowed in limited circumstances per Business Expense & Reimbursement Policy (FS-2-104)
  • Leases and lease-purchases
  • Long-term equipment rentals
  • Maintenance agreements for greater than a one-year period
  • Personal purchases of any type (including personal memberships and wholesale club memberships)
  • Personal violations or fines
  • Prescription drugs and controlled substances (with the exception of the Health Services Department)
  • Radioactive materials, hazardous materials, all chemicals, gas cylinders, all biological materials (including, but not limited to, biological agents, media, enzymes, and test kits), and radiological products
  • Reimbursements of any type
  • Time payments of any type
  • Travel expenses of any type, unless the card includes the Travel Option
  • UMass Lowell parking decals or parking fines

All exceptions require prior approval of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations (or designee). All exceptions must be documented; please initiate your exception request by contacting: ProCard Services.

Download a print-friendly copy of this ProCard Restricted Purchases List (pdf).

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view any pdf files. It can be download for free from the Adobe website.