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Only authorized cardholders may use the ProCard. You must safeguard cards and card numbers against use by unauthorized individuals within or outside of the university.

Once your card is registered, you are strongly encouraged to add your cell phone number to your Citi profile. In the event of suspected fraud, this will allow Citi to reach out to you via text message, email, and/or automated call. These methods of contact will ask you to verify recent transactions on your account. If Citi is not able to reach you via these avenues, you will receive a call from a Fraud Early Warning Representative at any of the available phone numbers. A temporary fraud hold may be placed on your account while Citi attempts to reach you.

The bank will never email you asking for account information. Never give out account information over email except as detailed above. Also, never send your full card number in an email, use only the last four digits; you may send a full card number via fax if necessary.

To protect your card while shopping online, the university encourages you to only use secure vendor websites which will begin with an "https://".

The ProCard is to be used for purchases related to university business only. Use of the card for personal purchases is strictly prohibited.