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Audit Program

All ProCard activity is reviewed to ensure compliance with university ProCard Policies and Procedures. We wish to ensure continued success of the ProCard Program and to meet audit requirements of the university and various government agencies.
The ProCard Manager monitors and performs reviews of transaction activity via the Citi web-based application tool, CitiManager. The activity is also monitored via the university’s financial system. The Cardholder will be notified of any apparent misuse or non-compliance and of any corrective action needed. On a regular basis, samples of transactions are selected for further review. Cardholders may receive a request from the ProCard Manager to forward a copy of the receipt and/or a notation of business purpose for a particular transaction.
All travel reimbursement and business expense reimbursement requests are reviewed to ensure they do not duplicate charges also made on the ProCard. 
The ProCard Manager also performs periodic on-site (at the cardholder’s office) reviews of all cardholder charge activity and record keeping. The objective of these reviews is to determine that items purchased have been received, that proper records are being maintained, and that ProCard policies and procedures are being followed. These reviews are scheduled in advance with the cardholder and generally take 45 to 60 minutes. The frequency with which cardholders are audited varies based upon risk criteria such as: transaction activity, transaction size, types of purchases made, non-typical vendor use i.e. cards used for business purposes at vendors where personal purchases are more likely to be made. To better understand audit content, see the Cardholder Audit Review/Report (pdf).
Upon the discovery of any irregularities due to potential misuse, the finding will be escalated to the UMass Lowell Director of Procurement Services as described in the prior section, Consequences of Misuse.
Copies of the audit review report are sent to the cardholder and his/her supervisor (or funding source authority). These reports note any recommendations made, which must be followed to ensure continued use of the card.
Cardholder activity and records are also open to review by internal, external, state and federal auditors.