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Salute to the Class of 2016

Our Place at UMass Lowell

Video by Alfonso Velasquez
UMass Lowell seniors reflect on the connections they have made with their favorite places on campus.

Seniors Reflect on Finding their Place, Creating a Legacy



College changes you. It’s one of life’s universal truths. Whether it’s personal or intellectual growth, fresh perspectives or new relationships, college years are guaranteed to bring about transformation. For many people there’s a tipping point – an experience, or a person who makes all the difference. Maybe it’s a professor who opens the door to new ideas. Or volunteer work or a campus club that leads to the discovery of a newfound passion or an internship that prompts a change in career plans. 

As the Class of 2016 prepares for Commencement, we asked some of our graduates to reflect on their big moments at UMass Lowell. They told us how they found their place here and what legacy they’d like to leave.