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Pulichino Tong Business Building Rising Fast

Manning School's New Home slated to Open in Fall 2017

MSB Pulichino Tong Update

The Pulichino Tong Business Building will be at the heart of the North Campus Innovation District.


Thanks to great weather this fall, construction is moving fast on the Manning School’s future home — the new $45 million Pulichino Tong Business Building. Scheduled to open in fall 2017, the Pulichino Tong Building will feature 54,000 square feet of world-class classrooms, offices and collaborative spaces, including a state-of-the-art trading room. 

“For me, the most important aspect of the new building isn’t the brushed steel, soaring windows or state-of-the-art classrooms,” says MSB Interim Dean Scott Latham. “For me, the most important aspect is that we are finally able to give our students the building they deserve. Our students are hard-working, respectful and all-around wonderful people, and they deserve a world-class business school. I cannot thank John Pulichino and Joy Tong enough for making this vision a reality.”

The Pulichino Tong Building will be at the heart of the North Campus Innovation District, which brings the university’s engineering, science and business programs together for students, entrepreneurs and industry partners. In addition to classrooms, the building will feature:

  • The Trading Room, a cornerstone of the school that will prepare students for lucrative careers in the financial services sector. Outfitted with 24 Bloomberg terminals, it supports all of our critical goals, figuring prominently in our classroom pedagogy, the college’s finance and accounting research, and in our industry outreach efforts. 
  • The DifferenceMaker MSB Center, which will introduce business students to innovation, entrepreneurship, problem solving, team building and more. Featuring flexible workstations, the latest technology and a vibrant working space that fosters a collaborative startup atmosphere, this space will provide students with the opportunity to learn entrepreneurial skills that will help shape their future careers.
  • The Behavioral Research Lab, an interdisciplinary research entity devoted to understanding human behavior through science. We seek insights into challenging problems faced by organizations, markets, businesses, leaders and workers. For instance, researchers from organizational behavior, entrepreneurship and behavioral economics are investigating the contracting arrangements between on-demand workers such as “Uberpreneurs” and intermediaries such as Uber. 
  • The Business Analytics Lab, which will foster big-data analytics research between faculty and students with the local business community. In connection with our M.S. degree in Business Analytics and Ph.D. in Management Information Systems, faculty are already conducting research studies and capstone projects that apply various information analytics approaches on important business problems.

Naming a facility in the Pulichino Business Building offers a great tribute to an individual, family or corporation – connecting their names to the important student and academic activities that will be conducted in the building. Learn more about naming opportunities for our new home — and how to become part of the university’s legacy.