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New Venture Initiative

UMass Lowell's New Venture Initiative (NVI) is a new model for university cultivation of startup activity. NVI provides a path for university-owned innovation to become a startup. Additionally, NVI provides enhanced mechanisms, support and resources for external startups seeking to do business with the university.

The New Venture Initiative is a mix of university resources and equity investment designed to provide a path and to and facilitate more startup activity at UMass Lowell. NVI assists teams explore and develop potential commercialization strategies, test market assumptions, recruit university and non-university expertise and talent, secure early-stage funding including commercialization grants, internal and external competitions, state and local financing mechanisms and private funding.

This activity paired with strong intellectual property resources, speeds early commercialization efforts and better prepares our University-relate startups for other financing opportunities. The NVI also manages the River Hawk New Venture Fund which pools licensing revenue and committed alumni contributions to make pre-seed and seed stage investments into University-affiliated technology.

Grant Support