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Valerie Kijewski

Valerie Kijewski
Valerie KijewskiEmeritus Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Innovation; Technology Commercialization; Business Model Development, Business Plan Development, Business Strategy

The research of Valerie Kijewski, Ph.D., on the dynamic structure of share movement in competitive markets was hailed throughout the U.S. and Europe as groundbreaking, and resulting in the term “K ratio” being applied to the phenomena by business strategists.?Among her clients were/are M&M/Mars, Kal Kan Pet Care, Keebler, duPont, Medtronic, Nestle, Hillenbrand Industries, General Electric and National Technical Systems.? Professor Kijewski was honored as the ‘Cahners Publishing Company Research Fellow’ by the prestigious Institute for the Study of Business Markets at Pennsylvania State University for her work in industrial marketing.? Among her extensive publications in the field of marketing communications, her articles on “Advertising and Promotion - How Much Should You Spend?" “Advertising in a Recession” and “How Advertising Drives Profitability” have been requested by over 50,000 marketing executives.? Her research has appeared in such journals as the Journal of Business, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Pricing, Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing and the International Journal of Purchasing and Materials Management.


  • Ph D: Economics, (1972), Indiana University - Bloomington, IN
  • MA: Economics, (1967), Indiana University - Bloomington, IN
  • BA: Economics, (1964), Boston College - Boston, MA


Professor Kijewski has over 25 years of experience in the fields of business and market strategy where she has assisted companies in the development and testing of new venture and new product concepts; helped management understanding and adjust strategy to accommodate structural changes in the market arising from technology or buyer behavior; developed value-pricing models; supported firm growth and profit initiatives through the development and installation of Balanced Scorecard strategic management systems; and has assisted companies in organizing their marketing operations.? Professor Kijewski is a former Vice President of the Strategic Planning Institute (The PIMS Program), and while there led a research and consulting practice in market share strategies and industrial marketing.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • First Faculty Fellow (2013) - Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Selected Publications

  • Tello, S., Latham, S., Kijewski, V. (2011) "Assessing differences between technology transfer officers and institutions in the decision to commercialise new technologies," International Journal of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation 10:1 pp. 93-111
  • Tello, S., Latham, S., Kijewski, V. (2010) "Individual choice or institutional practice: Which guides the technology transfer decision-making process?," Management Decision 48:8 pp. 1261-1281
  • Yoon, E., Kijewski, V. (1997) "Dynamics of the relationship between product features, quality evaluation, and pricing," Pricing Strategy and Practice 5:2 pp. 45-60
  • Yoon, E., Kijewski, V. (1996) "The Brand Awareness-to-Preference Link in Business Markets," Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing 2:4 pp. 7-36
  • Kijewski, V., Yoon, E., Young, G. (1993) "How Exhibitors Select Trade shows," Industrial Marketing Management 22:4
  • Kijewski, V., Yoon, E. (1993) "ISBM REPORT 16-1993,"
  • Yoon, E.S., Guffey, H.J., Kijewski, V. (1993) "The Effects of Information and Company Reputation on Intentions to Buy a Business Service," Journal of Business Research 27:3
  • Plank, R.E., Reid, D.A., Kijewski, V., Lim, J.S. (1992) "The impact of computer usage by purchasing," Industrial Marketing Management 21:3 pp. 243-248
  • Kijewski, V., Yoon, E. (1990) "Market-Based Pricing - Beyond Price-Performance Curves," Industrial Marketing Management 19:1

Selected Presentations

  • Integrating an Institutional and Rational Choice Model In Technology Transfer Officer Decision Making - Eastern Academy of Management Annual Meeting, May 2010 - Portland, ME
  • Technology Transfer Officer application of Commercialization Success Factors - Academy of Management Annual Meeting, August 2009 - Chicago, IL

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Invention to Venture 2007 - 12V Lowell (2007), Grant -
    Kijewski, V. (Principal)