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Apple a Day

Apple a Day, Contribution to a Healthier Lifestyle, DifferenceMakers

Team Apple a Day’s prototype of their product. It consists of a red apple with several sections, each of which could be used to hold daily medications
“Apple a Day is a fun product that makes the process of taking pills more efficient.”

“Apple a Day is a fun product that makes the process of taking pills more efficient.”

Many children and young adults face insecurity when it comes to carrying around a conventional rectangular pill-case and having to use it in front of their friends and colleagues. This leads to some individuals hiding their pill cases or accidentally skipping a dose due to being in a crowd at that given time. Children have more fun things to think about than taking a pill or vitamin, so this team set out to make the problem easier for those affected, especially children. They wanted to make taking pills easy and fun. This team of mechanical engineering majors includes Emily Philpot, Param Rajeshbhai Patel, and Jack Ryan who all hope to keep the doctor away, with an Apple a Day!

Their solution is a low-cost, attractive pill case that targets a younger generation more than the conventional rectangular cases. With a customizable apple shaped case, the team hopes to help children comply more happily with their pill and vitamin regimens, all with an affordable and stylish twist. After winning the $4,000 Contribution to a Healthier Lifestyle award, Apple a Day can now push forward into further stages of research and development. The next step for the team is to get their product printed in a high quality 3-D lab so they can present their realistic prototype to prospective customers.