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The CAT Mat

The CAT Mat , DifferenceMakers

CAT Mat team members Michelle Mailloux and Katherine Muise present onstage at DifferenceMaker
We bring the outdoors inside, to get you back outside!

The CAT Mat brings the outdoors in, with a mat that will allow physical therapists to treat their patients’ deficits throughout the body, from the musculoskeletal system to sensory systems. It will simulate walking outdoors to help patients prepare for community ambulation. Michelle Mailloux and Katherine Muise, two graduates in physical therapy, have created a tool that will allow for artificial environment simulation anywhere that it is necessary to be.

The CAT Mat was one of the Honorable Mention prize winners at the 2019 Idea Challenge, gaining their team $2,000 in funding for further prototyping and creating the perfect indoor-outdoor space. The product is accessible to patients with a variety of conditions ranging from traumatic brain injury a sprained ankle. Other marketable solutions don’t have the same simulation advantage that The CAT Mat does, giving this solution a unique value proposition in the current day!