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ConnectKnee , DifferenceMakers

Kyle Hamblett, Connor Johnston, Jackson Kelley, Tiffany Miller, Abby McNulty, Alyssa Mulry, and Jaime Waldron is a team of juniors and seniors consisting of biomedical and mechanical engineering, business, and criminal justice. The problem this team pitched was an inability to track the recovery time of a patient with a knee injury using a brace, resulting in higher costs and more recovery time.

This team created a solution involving a knee brace that incorporates the use of sensors to accurately track the recovery of a patient with a knee injury. This device will help make the process of recovery more cost effective and efficient for both the medical professionals and the patients. The $4,000 Contribution to a Healthier Lifestyle prize, sponsored by Circle Health was awarded to ConnectKnee at the 2020 DifferenceMaker Idea Challenge. The ConnectKnee team plans to conduct additional research and customer interviews before building a prototype.