Deina Abdelkader

Deina Abdelkader, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Director of Peace & Conflict Studies

Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Political Science, Peace and Conflict Studies, Global Studies
(978) 934-4252
Dugan Hall - 201D


Islamic transnational movements, Islamic Legal Thought, Democratization in the Muslim World

Research Interests

International Relations and Comparative Politics; Middle East and North Africa: Comparative Democratization; Muslim World: Islamic Activism, Religion and Politics.

"Democratization" in the Muslim/Middle East World; Intellectual and Cultural Exchange between the Middle East/Muslim World and the West; Muslim Women's Contribution to Muslim Legal Thought (Fiqh).


  • Ph D: Political Science, (1995), University of Maryland - College Park, MD
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Social Justice According to Islamic Law: A Comparative Study of Islamic Activism in Egypt, Algeria, and Turkey
  • MA: International Relations, (1992), University of Maryland - College Park, MD
    Supporting Area: Development and Domestic Conflict in the Third World
  • BA: Political Science, (1986), American University in Cairo - Cairo, Egypt
    Supporting Area: Sociology

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Invited to give a lecture about Syria and the Arab Spring (2013) - Nashua Public Library
  • Member of the Senior Search Committee (2012) - International Relations position in the Political Science Department, University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • reviewer for book proposals (2012) - Oxford University Press
  • Panel Discussant, "Middle East Confrontations: A Clash of Politics and Culture" (2012) - University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Interviewed on WCAP-AM's (2012) - WCAP-AM's, "What's Up, UMass Lowell?"
  • Speaker at a monthly lecture series (2012) - Chelmsford Library
  • "Advancing Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work Seed Grant", (2011), Scholarship/Research - UML
  • Center for Women and Work associate member (2011) - Center for Women and Work, UML
  • faculty advisor (2011) - Muslim Student Association
  • Invited to be on the editorial board (2011) - Digest of Middle East Studies
  • Planning and participating on a campus wide event: "We Are Egypt" (2011) - UML
  • Faculty member on a student focus group (2011) - "Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Debate"
  • Invited to speak at a roundtable discussion (2011) - North American Islamic Legal Council (FCNA-Fiqh Council of North America)
  • Faculty member (2011) - 9/11 commemoration forum
  • Invitation to train teachers at the Council on Middle East Studies (2011) - The MacMillan Center, Yale University
  • Speaker at a monthly lecture series (2011) - Chelmsford Library
  • Panel Discussant, "Egypt's Future: Reflections and Dialogue" (2011) - University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Member of the founding committee of the Global Studies PhD Program (2010) - University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Member of the founding committee of the MA/MS degree program in Security Studies (2010) - University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Member of the founding committee for the Peace and Conflict Studies BA/MA (2009) - University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Member of the Senior Search Committee (2009) - University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Best Teacher Award (1990)
  • Nominated for Best Teacher Award (1990), Teaching - University of Maryland University College
  • « Awarded an RA (1990)
  • « Awarded an RA (1989)

Selected Publications

  • Abdelkader, D., Adiong, N.M., Mauriello, R. (2016). Islam and International Relations : Contributions to Theory and Practice.
  • Abdelkader, D. (2016). Modernity, Islam, and Religious Activism. Religion, Education and Governance in the Middle East: Between Tradition and Modernity, 31.
  • , .S., Elshahat, B., Gill, H., Filipyev, I., Shrestha, S., Hesser, J., Kumar, J., Karellas, A., Zygmanski, P. (2014). Nanometric Organic Photovoltaic Thin Film X-Ray Detectors for Clinical KVp Beams. Medical Physics, 41(6) 384-385.
  • Abdelkader, D. (2011). Coercion, Peace, and the Issue of Jihad. DOMES: Digest of Middle East Studies, 20(2) 178-185.
  • Abdelkader, D. (2011). Islamic activists [electronic resource] : the anti-enlightenment democrats / Deina Ali Abdelkader.
  • Abdelkader, D. (2010). Arguing the Just War in Islam - By John Kelsay. DOMES: Digest of Middle East Studies, 19(2) 309-310.
  • Abdelkader, D. (2009). Modernity and the Principle of Public Welfare in Islamic Law. Conference Papers -- Northeastern Political Science Association, 1.
  • Abdelkader, D. (2003). Modernity, the Principles of Public Welfare ( masdotulahdotu) and the End Goals of Sharhamza ( maqsdotuid ) in Muslim Legal Thought. Islam & Christian-Muslim Relations, 14(2) 163.

Selected Presentations

  • Democratization from a Comparative Perspective, April 2013San Francisco
  • Religion and Politics in the Middle East panel Discussant, April 2013San Francisco
  • Faith, Reason, and Contemporary Political Thought, November 2012Denver, Colorado.
  • The Arab Spring and Democracy: Where are the women?, November 2012
  • Islamic Law, Democratization and Public Welfare, September 2012Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Beyond Religion and Ideology: Political Activism and Mass Mobilization in the Global South", April 2012San Diego
  • Religion and Modernity in the Middle East: A Paradigmatic Approach, April 2012San Diego
  • The Information Age and the Middle East Revolutions of 2011: The Case of Egypt", April 2012San Diego
  • Thomas Aquinas' Common Good and al-Shatibi's Public Welfare, October 2011Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City
  • Western Liberal Political Thought and the Stillborn God, July 2011Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Modernity, Islam and Religious Activism, March 2011Montreal, Canada
  • Muslim Immigration to Western Europe: The Conflict between Pluralism and the Stillborn God, March 2011Montreal, Canada
  • The Anti-Enlightenment Democrats, February 2011Washington DC.
  • Democracy and Foreign Policy, November 2010Boston, Mass.
  • Perspectives on Religion and Foreign Policy, November 2010Boston, Mass.
  • Thomas Aquinas Common Good and al-Shatibiês Public Welfare, November 2010Boston, Mass.
  • Western Liberal Political Thought and the Stillborn God, May 2010Salamanca, Spain
  • Western Liberal Political Thought and the Stillborn God, April 2010Newport, RI
  • Modernity and the Concept of Public Welfare in Islamic Law, November 2009Philadelphia
  • Islam and Contemporary Notions of Power, Law and Democracy, 2006Philadelphia
  • Globalizing Democracy in the Middle East, June 2005Boston
  • Enlightenment Rationality, Islam and Democracy in Egypt, April 2005Cambridge
  • Islam and Democracy: Are They Compatible?, November 2004Cambridge, MA
  • Social Justice and Islamic Social Consciousness as a Comparative Variable, November 2004Boston
  • Modernity, Globalization and Islam, July 2004Oxford University, Oxford, England
  • Gender Equality, Modernity and Islamic Law, April 2004El-Khartoum, Sudan
  • Abu Ishaq al-Shatibi and his Influence on Muslim Spain, 2003Budapest, Hungary
  • Modernity And Public Welfare, 2003Anchorage, Alaska
  • Modernity and Muslim Legal Thought, 2002Mainz, Germany
  • Common Roots: A Comparison between Social Contactarianism and the End Goals of Shari'ah (Al-Maqasid), 2000London England
  • Jihad: Is it a Neglected Duty?, 1993Portland, Oregon
  • The Islamic Revival and the Importance of Studying Islamic Law to Understand some of the Theoretical Issues Pertaining to Social Justice in Muslim Societies, 1993Herndon, Virginia
  • Negotiations in Islam, 1992Antalya, Turkey

Selected Intellectual Property

  • Copyright - Abdelkader, D."The Anti-Enlightenment Democrats,"
  • Copyright - International Institute of Islamic Thought, ."Social Justice in Islam,"

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • "Advancing Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work Seed Grant", (2011), Grant -