Angelica Duran-Martinez is an Assistant Professor in the College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences in the Political Science DEPARTMENT

Angélica Durán-Martínez, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Director of Global Studies Ph.D. Program

College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Political Science
Dugan 203A


Political and Criminal Violence, Drug Trade and Crime, Latin American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Economy of Development

Research Interests

Political and Criminal Violence; Latin American Politics; Comparative Politics; International Relations; Political Economy of Development.

Causes and consequences of violence, organized crime and criminality, dynamics of illicit markets, relation between state actors and illicit and non-state armed actors, democratization, law enforcement. I have also conducted research on the use of referenda in Latin America.


  • Ph D: Political Science, (2013), Brown University - Providence, RI
  • MA: Political Science, (2009), Brown University - Providence, RI
  • MA: Latin American and Caribbean Studies, (2006), New York University - NY,NY
  • BA: Political Science, (2000), National University of Colombia - Bogota, Colombia

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Research Grant: Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation (2020) Project: Negotiating with Criminal Actors in Latin America
  • Best Book Prize (2019) - Peter Katzenstein's Prize for Best First Book in International Relations, Comparative Politics, or Political Economy
  • Best Book Prize (2018), Scholarship/Research - International Association for the Study of Organized Crime
  • Drugs, Security, and Democracy Fellowship. (2011), Scholarship/Research - Social Science Research Council , Open Society Foundation, Universidad de los Andes, IDRC
  • Jennings Randolph Peace Scholar (2011) - United States Institute of Peace
  • International Dissertation Research Fellowship IDRF (2010), Scholarship/Research - Social Science Research Council
  • Colfuturo Scholarship (2004) - Colfuturo
  • Fulbright Scholarship for Graduate Studies in the US_ Barsa Supplemental Award (2004) - Fulbright

Selected Publications

  • Duran-Martinez, A. and H. Soifer (2021). The Drug Trade and State Violence in Internal Conflicts: Evidence from Peru Latin American Politics and Society, forthcoming.
  • Duran-Martinez, A. (2021). Cocaine Smuggling: Between Geopolitics and Domestic Power Struggles, in Gallien, Max and Weigand, Florian (Eds) Routledge Handbook of Smuggling.
  • Duran-Martinez, A. (2021). From Acquiescence to Rebellion: South America and the Global Drug Control Regime, in Idler, A and Garzón, J.C, eds., Transforming the War on Drugs. (Changing Character of War Series, Oxford University) forthcoming
  • Duran-Martinez, A. (2020) "Illicit Drugs and Organized Crime in Latin America: New Scholarship and the Future of Alternative Policies" in Bada, X. and Rivera Sanchez, L. eds. Oxford Handbook of Sociology in Latin America (Oxford University Press)
  • Duran-Martinez, A. (2018). The Politics of Drug Violence: Criminals, Cops and Politicians in Colombia and Mexico. Oxford University Press
  • Duran-Martinez, A. (2017). (Book Chapter) Silent Traffickers or Brutal Criminals: How State Power Shapes Criminal’s Incentives to Expose Violence. Oklahoma University Press
  • Duran-Martinez, A. (2017). Drug Trafficking and Drug Policies in the Americas: Change, Continuity, and Challenges (59:2 pp. 145-153). Latin American Politics and Society
  • Cruz, J.M., Duran-Martinez, A. (2016). Hiding violence to deal with the state: criminal pacts in El Salvador and Medellin. Journal of Peace Research,53(2) 197-210.
  • Duran-Martinez, A. (2015). To Kill and Tell? State power, criminal competition, and drug violence. Journal of Conflict Resolution ,59(8) 1377-1403.
  • Duran-Martinez, A. (2015). Drugs around the corner: Domestic drug markets and violence in Colombia and Mexico. Latin American Politics and Society,57(3) 122-146.
  • Alanis, U., Duran-Martinez, A. (2014). Jóvenes en Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua: entre la falta de oportunidades y el miedo a la violencia. El Colegio de Mexico
  • Duran-Martinez, A. (2014). Jóvenes y violencia en Medellín: entre transformación urbana y violencia persistente. El Colegio de Mexico
  • Andreas, P., Duran-Martinez, A. (2014). The International Politics of Drugs and Illicit Trade in the Americas (2013-05). Routledge
  • Snyder, R., Duran-Martinez, A., Bautista, M.A., Sierra, J. (2013). Producing Knowledge in the Global South: The Political Economy of Social Science in Argentina, Colombia, and Peru. Watson Institute for International Studies Research Paper, (2013-06).
  • Duran-Martinez, A. (2012). Presidents, Political Parties and Referenda in Latin America. Comparative Political Studies,45(9) 1159-1187.
  • Duran-Martinez, A. (2010). ¿ Colombianización de México? Estableciendo términos apropiados de comparación. Perspectiva,24.
  • Duran-Martinez, A., Snyder, R.O. (2009). Does illegality breed violence? Drug trafficking and state-sponsored protection rackets. Crime, Law and Social Change,52(3).

Selected Presentations

  • Talk at conference - Illegal Rents, Armed Actors and Inequality, organized by the Research and Activism network for Coexistence, July 2021 - Venezuela
  • Invited Guest at Northwestern University's Comparative Politics Workshop - Negotiating with criminal, non-rebel groups in Latin America, March 2021
  • Panelist, Event - Dialogue, Mediation and Negotiation with Criminal Actors, ICIP Barcelona, April 2021
  • Panelist, Event - The Impact of Covid-19 on Illicit Trade Networks, Council of the Americas / Americas Society, April 2021
  • Talk - Covid Y Crimen: La Evolución del Crimen Organizado en Las Americas 2020, III Seminario Internacional del Observatorio Colombiano de Crimen Organizado del Rosario, November 2020
  • Panelist - II Congreso de la Red Latinoamericana de Seguridad Incluyente y Sostenible, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, November 2020 - Colombia
  • Panelist, E-Symposium - Colombia: Construcción de Paz y Gobernanza Local y Persistencia de la Violencia, November 2020 - Universidad del Rosario
  • Talk - Crimen Organizado en América Latina, VII Congreso Internacional de Prevención Social de la Violencia y la Delincuencia, Secretaria de Seguridad Pública, November 2020 - Guanajuato, Mexico
  • Commentator book launch - Violencia y paz en la Guerra contra las drogas. Ofensivas estatales y carteles en América Latina by Benjamin Lessing
  • Panelist, Seminar - Masacres y Narcotráfico en Colombia, September 2020 - CESED, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
  • Panelist, conference Workshop - Between War Making and Peace Building: Mexico's War on Drugs Revisited (2007-2020), August 2020 - Center of US-Mexican Studies, UC San Diego and George Washington University
  • Guest speaker - Hablemos de Seguridad" con Lucía Dammert y Eduardo Vergara, Criminalidad Organizada y Covid-19 en América Latina, via zoom, July 2020
  • Invited Guest at Boston University's Research in Comparative Politics Workshop - Negotiating with criminal, non-rebel groups in Latin America, March 2020
  • Guest speaker, Wynia Fund lecture - Crime, Violence, and the State in Colombia and Mexico, February 2020
  • Panelist - Global Insights: Colombia's Peace Process at the Crossroads, December 2019 - Baruch College
  • Path dependent trajectories of criminal governance - Criminal Governance in the Americas, October 2018 - Chicago
  • Las dimensiones políticas del narcotráfico en Colombia y Mexico - Coloquio Internacional de Violencia, October 2018 - Culiacán
  • The Politics of Drug Violence, December 2017 - Lima, Peru
  • “A Research Agenda on State, Crime, and Violence”, November 2017 - UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL TRES DE FEBRERO (Argentina)
  • Unpacking the Criminal-Rebel Distinction: New Armed Structures and Paramilitary Demobilization in Colombia - APSA Conference, September 2017 - San Francisco
  • Beyond a Criminal-Rebel Distinction: New Armed Structures and Paramilitary Demobilization in Colombia - MPSA Conference, April 2017 - Chicago
  • The Politics of Drug Violence, April 2017 - Canisius College
  • Drug Trafficking in Latin America and the Peace Process in Colombia, March 2017 - Brandeis University
  • Opening the Black Box of the Upper Huallaga Valley: Drugs, Insurgency, and Violence in Peru 1980-2000 - APSA Conference, September 2016 - Washington D.C.
  • Criminals. Cops and Politicians: Dynamics of Drug Violence in Colombia and Mexico, September 2015 - Harvard University, David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies
  • Elections, State Coercive Capacity and Violence in Burma/Myanmar and Colombia - APSA Meeting, 2014 - Washington D.C.
  • Drug Trafficking and the Peace Process in Colombia, 2014 - Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
  • State power, criminal competition, and drug violence: a systematic comparison between Colombian and Mexican cities - LASA Meeting, 2013 - Washington, DC
  • State power, criminal competition, and drug violence: a systematic comparison between Colombian and Mexican cities - MPSA Meeting, 2013 - Chicago, IL
  • How Might a Peace Agenda Address the Nexus of Drug Trafficking and Violence? Evidence from Cali and MedellÍn - Pending Issues on the Colombian Peace Agenda Conference, 2013 - United States Institute of Peace, Washington D.C.
  • Violencia y narcotráfico en Cali y Ciudad Juárez - The Public/Citizen Insecurity in Latin America: A Regional approach Conference, 2013 - Itam, Mexico City
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  • The Drug War in Mexico: Beyond money and munitions - EPIIC Symposium, 2012 - Tufts University
  • State power, criminal competition and violence - NPSA Meeting, 2012 - Boston, MA
  • Narcotráfico y violencia en Colombia y Mexico - Nuevas perspectivas sobre la violencia en Colombia Conference, 2012
  • Coloquio Las violencias que afectan a los j„venes en Am_rica Latina - Presentations about youth and violence in Ciudad Juˆrez and MedellÍn, 2012
  • Silent traffickers or brutal Criminals?: Drug violence in Colombian and Mexican cities - International Society for the Study of Drug Policy Annual Conference, 2011 - Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Narcotics-associated violence in Mexican and Colombian cities: A comparison - Narcotic Wars At the Border Conference, 2011
  • Drug violence in three Mexican cities - Violent cities in the Global South Conference, 2011 - Brown University
  • Drugs, violence and state sponsored protection rackets in Mexico - Drug Trafficking-Related Violence in Mexico Conference, 2010
  • Does illegality breed violence? Drug trafficking and State Sponsored Protection Rackets - Drug Trafficking, Violence and Instability in Mexico, Colombia and the Caribbean Conference, 2009 - University of Pittsburgh
  • Partisan clues: the role of political parties in Latin American referenda - LASA Meeting, 2009 - Rio de Janeiro
  • Partisan clues: the role of political parties in Latin American referenda - MPSA Meeting, 2009 - Chicago, IL
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  • Do plebiscites foster democratic institutions and accountability - MPSA Meeting, 2006 - Chicago, IL