UMass Lowell is the only university in New England to offer both an undergraduate major and a Master of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies.

Undergraduate Programs

Master's Programs

Accelerated BA to MA

The Accelerated BA to MA Program makes it possible to complete both a bachelor's degree and a Master’s Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies in as little as five years. You can apply during your junior or senior year. Once accepted, you can take up to 6 credits of graduate level coursework and count the credit towards both your undergraduate and graduate degrees. You would then only have 24 credits to complete in order to finish the Master’s Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies.


  1. Complete both degrees in a little as five years.
  2. Application fees waived.
  3. Enter the job market with a competitive advantage of both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Who can apply

UMass Lowell juniors and seniors from any major can apply. You will need to graduate with at least a 3.000 GPA to matriculate into the BA to MA program. All other students can apply for the Master of Arts or Graduate Certificate through the UMass Lowell Office of Graduate Admissions.

To apply, visit Graduate Admissions.

Seniors - Get ahead as an undergraduate

With instructor permission, you can register for a wide variety of graduate courses, including required courses and electives your senior year. You can count up to 6 credits towards both your undergraduate and graduate degrees. For a full list of graduate courses offered, please see the graduate catalog.