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Race & Ethnic Studies Minor

The Race and Ethnic Studies minor allows students to study race and ethnicity as evolving social constructions shaped by many factors, including labor, politics, religion, nationality, sexuality, gender and culture. 


The Race and Ethnic Studies minor encourages students to explore race and ethnicity from a variety of disciplinary approaches and to examine the histories of various racial and ethnic groups. UMass Lowell students will graduate knowing how to contribute to a more humane and civil society in which diversity is acknowledged and celebrated. The Race and Ethnic Studies minor is open to all undergraduates and consists of an interdisciplinary program of 18-24 credits of required and elective courses. There are service-learning or internship opportunities with community partners, such as Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association and the International Institute. This minor pairs well with majors from across the university, as employers in all industries value employees who can work with diverse communities and cultures. Ethnic studies training and cultural competency are crucial preparation for practically all professions—including teaching, business and marketing, politics and health care.

For detailed degree information, visit the Race and Ethnic Studies Minor page in the Academic Catalog.

For more information about this program, contact José Mendoza, Ph.D., at or 978-934-5312.