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Policies & Procedures for Bodily Fluid Response

UMass Lowell Police Department

The awareness of police officers to protect themselves from contact with human bodily fluids, which may include blood, urine, feces and vomit, when assisting or investigating an incident whereby an injured person(s) is or may have been present, are deemed essential. Viruses such as, but not limited to, hepatitis B and AIDS can be present in bodily fluid and transferred to another person who is not aware of the potential hazards of exposure or is not wearing the proper personal protective equipment.

An officer who responds to an incident may be required to provide medical assistance that may expose him/her to direct contact with the bodily fluid or blood latent material and should wear the following disposable items:

  • Latex surgical gloves (on both hands)
  • Safety eyeglasses or splash goggles
  • A particulate nasal and mouth surgical respirator

Note: The above personal protective items are available in each police vehicle. The EEM office will replenish supplies as requested.

The EEM office strongly advises that all emergency response personnel be inoculated with the hepatitis B vaccine. This inoculation is available upon request through the EEM or UMass Lowell police office.

Cleaning of a bodily fluid or blood contaminated area:

  • A dilution of a ten percent (10%>) hypochlorate (household bleach) in water will effectively neutralize bacteria and viruses associated with bodily fluids
  • Apply the hypochlorate (bleach) solution directly on the contaminated area and use an absorbent material (e. g. sponge, mop, seedy dry) to pick up
  • All contaminated materials shall be placed and secured in a double poly (plastic) bag or a poly pail with lid and forwarded to the EEM for disposal

File a report on the incident, noting circumstances involved, location of spill and response taken. Send a copy to the EEM office, attention Richard Lemoine, Director EEM

EEM Emergency Response:

The EEM office will respond and clean a contaminated area as necessary. The EEM office telephone number is extension 2618.

Richard Lemonie - Cell: 978-265-2661; Home: 978-649-4503
UMass Lowell EMTs - Contact through UMass Lowell Police Department dispatch, x2398

For further information or clarification of this procedure, contact the EEM office.