General Military Course

The first two years of the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program, you are considered part of the General Military Course (GMC). As a GMC, your obligations consist of one hour of classroom work (Aerospace Studies courses) and two hours of leadership laboratory each week.

Upon completion of GMC requirements, cadets who wish to compete for entry into the last two years of the program, the Professional Officer Course (POC), must do so under the requirements of the POC selection system. This system uses qualitative factors, such as grade-point average, unit commander evaluation, and aptitude test scores to determine a student's officer potential. After selection, students must successfully complete a four-week summer Field Training Unit at an assigned Air Force base before entering the POC.


  • A full-time student at UMass Lowell or one of our many cross-town schools
  • Participation in both Aerospace Studies classes and Leadership Laboratory while enrolled in school
  • U.S. citizen in good physical condition¬†
  • Good moral character¬†
  • 14 years old (17 years old to receive scholarship)