UMass Lowell’s story has always been one of opportunity. Founded in 1894 in the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution, the Lowell Normal School and the Lowell Textile School became places where hardworking students could make a better future for themselves and their communities. 

Over the next 125 years, those institutions evolved and then combined, eventually creating UMass Lowell, regarded today among the top public research universities in the nation. 

Throughout its growth, the university has stayed true to its core mission: enable every student to reach their full potential. Since its founding, this institution has made accessible a high-quality and affordable education — and brighter futures for students and for our local, regional and global communities. Join us as we proudly celebrate our past and look with optimism to our future.

125 Years Proud


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A band plays together in the 1940s vs. an orchestra playing together today overlaid with UMass Lowell "125 Years Proud" logo

125 Years, 125 Songs

Check out our suggested playlist of 125 songs, designed to evoke memories and discussions. These songs are representative of their times. Some, your grandparents would hum, and some you’d know every word. Listen to the playlist