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Guixin (Susan) He

Guixin (Susan) He Associate Professor at UMass Lowell.
Gui-Xin (Susan) He, Ph.D.Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator
  • CollegeZuckerberg College of Health Sciences
  • DepartmentBiomedical & Nutritional Sciences
  • Phone(978) 934-4000
  • OfficeWeed Hall - 1st Floor

Research Interests


I have been working on the antibiotic resistance mechanism and the cell membrane transporter in Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Enterobacter cloacae for eight years. Currently we are focusing on the following studies: 1) Investigating the presence of disinfectant resistant bacteria in clinical settings;2) Analyzing resistance genes in antibiotic resistant Enteric bacteria; 3) Examining the accumulation/efflux of antibiotic in the bacteria.


  • Ph D: Microbiology, (2004), Okayama University - Okayama, Japan
  • MS: Biochemistry, (2001), Okayama University - Okayama, Japan
  • BS: Bioenergy, (1994), Shenyang Agricultural University - Shenyang, P. R.China

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Government Scholarship - Ministry of Education, Japan
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship - NIH-IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence
  • Outstanding Service Award (2010), Service, Professional - American Society for Microbiology (ASM)
  • Travel Award (2009) - ASM (The Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students)
  • Faculty "Rookie of the Year" (2008), Teaching - University of Massachusetts Lowell (UML)
  • Outstanding Service Award (2008) - ASM Minority Mentoring Program, ASM
  • Zonta Scholarship (2000), Scholarship/Research - Japan
  • Miyoshi Scholarship (1999), Scholarship/Research - Japan

Selected Publications

  • Mukherjee, M., Kumar, S., Shrestha, U., Ranaweera, I., KC, R., Prathuska Kakarla, T., Willmon, M., Hernandez, A.J., He, G., Lau, C., Barr, S.R., Varela, M.F. (2016) Comparative genomics and discovery of novel cellular targets for the development of new therapeutics towards Vibrio cholerae, the causative agent of cholera disease 14: pp. 1-12
  • Kumar, S., He, G., Kakarla, P., Shrestha, U., KC, R., Ranaweera, I.T., Willmon, M., Barr, S.R., Hernandez, A.J. (2016) Bacterial Multidrug Efflux Pumps of the Major Facilitator Superfamily as Targets for Modulation
  • Pan, H., Xu, J., Kweon, O., Zou, W., Feng, J., He, G., Cerniglia, C.E., Chen, H. (2015) "Differential gene expression in Staphylococcus aureus exposed to Orange II and Sudan III azo dyes", Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology 5 pp. 745
  • Andersen, J.L., He, G., Kakarla, P., Ranjana, K.C., Kumar, S., Lakra, W.S., Mukherjee, M.M., Ranaweera, I., Shrestha, U., Tran, T., Varela, M.F. (2015) "Multidrug efflux pumps from Enterobacteriaceae, Vibrio cholerae and Staphylococcus aureus bacterial food pathogens", International Journal Of Environmental Research And Public Health 12:2 pp. 1487-1547
  • Pan, H., Zhang, Y., He, G., Katagori, N., Chen, H. (2014) "A comparison of conventional methods for the quantification of bacterial cells after exposure to metal oxide nanoparticles", BMC Microbiology 14:1
  • Mukherjee, M., He, G., Katagori, N., Chen, H. (2014) "Comparative genome analysis of non-toxigenic non-O1 versus toxigenic O1 Vibrio cholera ", Genomics Discovery 2:1 pp. 1-15
  • He, G., Landry, M., Chen, H., Thorpe, C., Walsh, D., Varela, M.F., Pan, H. (2014) "Detection of benzalkonium chloride resistance in community environmental isolates of staphylococci", Journal of medical microbiology 63: pp. 735-741
  • Varela, M., Kumar, S., He, G. (2013) "Potential for inhibition of bacterial efflux pumps in multidrug-resistant Vibrio cholerae", Indian Journal of Medical Research 138:SEP pp. 285-287
  • Pan, H., Feng, J., He, G., Cerniglia, C.E., Chen, H. (2012) "Evaluation of impact of exposure of Sudan azo dyes and their metabolites on human intestinal bacteria", Anaerobe 18:4 pp. 445-453
  • He, G., Thorpe, C., Walsh, D., Crow, R., Chen, H., Kumar, S., Varela, M.F. (2011) "EmmdR, a new member of the MATE family of multidrug transporters, extrudes quinolones from Enterobacter cloacae", Archives of Microbiology 193:10 pp. 759-765
  • He, G., Zhang, C., Crow, R.R., Thorpe, C., Chen, H., Kumar, S., Tsuchiya, T., Varela, M.F. (2011) "SugE, a new member of the SMR family of transporters, contributes to antimicrobial resistance in Enterobacter cloacae", Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 55:8 pp. 3954-3957

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Government Scholarship (2001), Fellowship - Ministry of Education, Japan