Online Edition, 2019

The Tsongas Industrial History Center would like to acknowledge the following people and institutions who helped make possible the digital version of "The World of Barilla Taylor."

  • Liza Stearns 
  • Kelly Fellner 
  • Bradley Sherwood
  • Craig Taylor
  • Erin Macri
  • Syeda Nizami
  • Center for Lowell History
  • Kheel Center for Labor-Management at Cornell University

1st Edition, August 1993

The authors would like to acknowledge the following people and institutions. Their time, assistance, and support helped "The World of Barilla Taylor" come alive.

  • Baker Library
  • Boston Public Library
  • Kevin Harkins for photographic work.
  • Douglas & Irene Hutchinson for graciously welcoming us to the Swift River Valley, and directing us to the land Barilla called “home”.
  • Richard Leach for hours spent slogging through reels of microfilm.
  • Lowell Historical Society
  • Maine State Historical Society
  • Maine State Library and Archives
  • Museum of American Textile History
  • Pollard Memorial Library
  • Registry of Deeds, South Paris, Maine Saints Memorial Hospital, Lowell
  • Rumford Historical Society Kathy Tevyaw, Education Specialist, North Atlantic Region, NPS
  • UMass Lowell

Special Thanks to:

  • Larry Metzger for serving as project advisor, sounding board, and tireless enthusiast.
  • Virginia Taylor for her willingness to provide letters and share a slice of Taylor family history.

This 1st edition was funded with a National Park Foundation “Parks as Classrooms” grant.

More Information

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