Have you been discharged from active duty, reserves, or National Guard, within the last three years and do you currently live in Massachusetts?

Have you lived in Massachusetts for over one year?
Are you a spouse or a dependent child using VA benefits?

If you are currently serving in an active duty, reserve, or National Guard component; or you are a family member of a current service member, please indicate which branch of service:

If you are veteran, or a family member of a veteran, what was the branch of service?........... check all that apply!

In order to process your benefits, please verify that you have submitted the applicable documents to the UMass Lowell Veterans Services Office: ….check all that apply!

Credits for the semester: (Credits should reflect the courses you are registered for only. Please check each course to verify).
NOTE: The housing allowance may be reduced based on class start and end dates. Please contact the Veterans Services Office with questions.

What Educational Benefit(s) are you eligible for and planning to use for the semester selected? (Check off benefits for which you are eligible and want to apply to the coming semester term.)
The Massachusetts State Tuition Credit applies to class(es) offered on campus ONLY.
Additionally, you must:
  • minimum of one-year as a Mass. State resident;
  • meet satisfactory academic progress (SAP);
  • be accepted into a degree or certificate program;
Note: Online, blended, and independent study classes are not covered by this benefit.
If you are a Continuing Education student, the State Veterans Tuition Credit may reduce your Financial Aid package.

Are you interested in becoming a member of the UMass Lowell Student Veterans Organization (SVO)? (Online students are welcome!)
Would you like assistance applying for or requesting re-evaluation of Compensation and Pension with the VA for medical or mental health issues related to your military service?
If you are currently service-connected, or have an issue related to your military service, are you interested in receiving physical, academic, or other accommodations? (e.g. extra-time on tests and assignments, quiet testing environment, etc.)
Have you applied for Chapter 31 (vocational rehabilitation) benefits, but have not yet received approval?
Declared Major: For all VA benefits, you must declare a major within two semesters of beginning classes.

Please NOTE:
You will receive at least two notifications from the VA to verify your benefits for the semester. One will state "your tuition and fees have been reported as zero". This is because the UMass Lowell Veterans Services Office initially certifies benefits without submitting tuition and fees to enable students to receive housing allowance and book stipends (a.k.a. MONEY) as soon as possible. The Office will submit a second certification after the add/drop period which will include tuition and fees to complete the process.

After registering for classes each semester, students using Veteran Educational Benefits are required to complete this ‘Certification Request Form'.

*required fields