Meaghan Elizabeth Barry

Meaghan Elizabeth Barry

Ph.D. Candidate

Kennedy College of Sciences
Biological Sciences

Research Interests

Mechanism of cardiac thin filament regulation, in vitro protein studies, cardiomyopathies, and heart failure


B.S., Biology, Brandeis University


Meaghan started at UMass Lowell in the fall of 2019 where she joined Professor Jeffrey Moore's lab. Her research is focused on the mechanism of sarcomere proteins in heart muscle contraction. She aims to understand how troponin, specifically troponin I (TnI), contributes to the dynamic thin filament during muscle regulation on a molecular level. TnI is known to be targeted during adrenergic stimulation and heart failure. Further, her research is resolving how cardiac muscle function is altered through TnI phosphorylation in situations of cardiac stress.

Selected Awards and Honors

American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship