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Memberships & Benefits

e.g., rapid manufacturing of water-soluble powder-based molds

e.g., rapid manufacturing of water-soluble powder-based molds

SHAP3D will provide industry members three specific technical outcomes:

  • Higher performance materials and composites that enable diverse and lighter weight products to minimize total life cycle costs and environmental footprint.
  • More optimal and parallel processes which print products rapidly, with higher resolution, and with lower cost.
  • Integration of dissimilar materials to facilitate multi-functional components/products, broaden 3D printed applications, and increase market size.

SHAP3D also will provide industry economic benefits:

  • Sharing risk at an early stage in research is a good business strategy
  • Industry members direct the selection and execution of research topics across a broad range of researchers and facilities at multiple universities
  • Pooling money improves return on investment in new technology
  • 16:1 leveraging of membership fee
  • Only 10% overhead rate (50% or higher is typical)
  • Royalty‐free licenses to technology generated through the Center and pre-publication access to research results
  • Receive semi-annual project reports and copies of pre-publication manuscripts generated by faculty and students
  • Access to and participation in additional sources of funding
  • Access to students and graduates who are well trained in the field of additive manufacturing
  • Receive annual resume book of participating students
  • Strategic networking and synergistic cooperation opportunities with complementary and competitor companies

Note: NSF has 40+ years of experience with the IUCRC program and provides performance oversight and external independent evaluation of the Center.