Nicole Borth

Nicole Borth

Professor of Cell Biology and Cytometry, University of Life Sciences Vienna, Austria


Nicole Borth, PhD (Biotechnology, University of Life Sciences Vienna, Austria 1991), is Professor of Cell Biology and Cytometry at the Department of Biotechnology, University of Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) and Area Leader in the Austrian Center of Industrial Biotechnology ACIB. 

Her research aims at obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the molecular machinery that enables mammalian cells to be good production factories for biotherapeutic proteins. This includes factors that contribute to high yield based on productivity and growth, but also to protein quality attributes. Using methods such as genomics, transcriptomics, flow cytometry/cell sorting and computational biology, her group aims at dissecting the molecular basis and regulation of process and quality relevant cellular properties. 

Nicole is a co-chair of, a non-profit organization that makes genome scale information for CHO cells publicly available. She is also an executive committee member of ESACT, the European Society of Animal Cell Technology.