Meet interesting people doing interesting things. Enjoy a work environment, rich with experience and knowledge. As a member of the Fashion Makerspace, you will get discounts on classes and services, receive advice and encouragement, and have the opportunity to collaborate with other makers.

Popular (Monthly Membership)$250 per monthWeekdays between 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Full use of common tools and equipment, including drafting paper and select fabric yardage for sample making.
Professional dress forms, apparel making supplies and photo station. Access to product development consultants and industry professionals including sample/pattern makers, stylists and photographers.
Monthly Membership Online Registration
Six month lease agreement
First Thursdays$500 per yearA specialized workshop on the first Thursday of each month from 6 - 9 p.m.
Classes/ Workshops will cover a variety of sewing, fashion and textile related techniques: fashion illustration, knitting, embroidery, millinery, leather craft and more.
First Thursdays Online Registration
Club Tuesdays$600 per yearJoin us every Tuesday from 6 - 9 p.m. for 25 nights of creativity and fashion expression throughout the year.
Learn more about hemming, mending, upcycling, repurposing, fabric manipulation, sewing and more.
Club Tuesdays Online Registration
Hourly$25 per hour
(2-hour minimum)
Rent by time and use tools/ equipment and sewing machines.
Must demonstrate aptitude in industrial machine use. Schedule availability upon request.
Hourly Online Registration
Great for single projects. Need to hem a gown? Would you like to cut your curtains? Home décor? Need to repair something?
Group Parties$350 (6–8 people, 
$30 for each additional person, max 20 people).
Three hour program.
Adult gatherings (great for bachelorette parties/ bridal showers/ baby showers/ birthdays).Group Parties Online Registration
Group / Corporate Retreats$1,500 (10 people, $100 for each additional participant, up to 5). Day-long program.Maker Retreats focus on projects dependent on cooperation and workflow efficiency. Participants will craft personalized wearables by assisting each other in the making process. Break-out groups will discuss pros/cons of their experience.
Mentor/ lead team building. Lunch is included.
Group / Corporate Retreats Online Registration

Other Member Benefits

  • Access to a fully equipped design studio, including:
    • Industrial Sewing Machines, Dress Forms, Cutting Tables
    • Marking & Pattern Making Tools
    • Gerber Cutting System
    • Hardware Station (snap / grommet / rivet setting)
    • Die Press
    • Heat Press
  • Consulting / Brand Development
  • Visibility
  • Library
  • Networking with Industry Professionals
  • Incubator space with like-minded Entrepreneurs / Innovators