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Non-Purchase Order Payment Vouchers

An NPO invoice payment (i.e., vendor direct payment) is an unencumbered payment. The NPO invoice payment cannot be used to circumvent the procurement of goods or services that should have been ordered using a Purchase Order.

Since the NPO Payment is not encumbered, the responsibility is placed upon the department placing the order to ensure sufficient budget monies are available for the payment of the NPO invoice. A completed Vendor Payment Voucher Input Form (docx), with approvals should be sent to Accounts Payable with all pertinent back up materials. NOTE: The department preparer of the request for payment cannot be the approver.

Payment voucher requests should be limited to the categories listed below.  
  • Agency fund payment
  • Annuity payments
  • Art models
  • Athletic game personnel services - immediate need (ball attendants, timekeepers, etc.)
  • Collection agencies
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Conference registrations (only when a ProCard with Travel is not available)
  • Federal, state and local governments
  • Foreign governments and foreign controlled agencies, institutions, etc.  
  • Group insurance payments
  • Health & Welfare, Mass Public Employee Fund, MTA Health & Welfare Fund
  • Human subjects (includes research subjects and survey respondents) – paid only after pre-approval through the Office of Institutional Compliance
  • Individual performers*
  • Legal settlements
  • Non-employee compensation (honoraria, royalties, prizes and awards, travel & per diem)
  • Pension payments
  • Postage meter (Pitney Bowes, Postmaster)
  • Refunds
  • Royalty payments, employee
  • Single payment voucher
  • Stipends
  • Student payment for services
  • Travel reimbursements for job candidates
  • UMass Foundation
*Special withholding rules may apply

No Purchase Order (NPO) invoices submitted to Accounts Payable for conditions which are not on this list will be returned to the department requesting payment.

Please see Disbursements for information regarding payment cycles.