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UMass Lowell Students' Videos Star in Art on the Marquee

Art on Marquee at BCAC

Lowell Sun
By Nancye Tuttle

UMass Lowell's art department is alive and well and thriving -- especially in Boston this month.

Indeed, seven of the 10 student video installations featured in the latest Art on the Marquee exhibit at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center were created by UMass Lowell graphic design students.

Their work goes up on this unique digital canvas -- an 80-foot-tall multi-screen LED marquee -- outside the BCEC, 415 Summer St., South Boston, this week. An opening reception will be held there from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, April 26.

UML artists include Elena Giurieo, a senior, whose work "Shooting Stars" includes a night sky with animated shooting stars and close-ups of eyes looking up at them.

Jennifer Mayer's "Neural Impulse" depicts neurons firing off in the brain, blinking eyes and the impulses along individual neurons.

"Ancient Aliens" by Patrick Curley features cut paper, scanned for animation to include static pyramids, a UFO and scrolling hieroglyphics.

From William Holtsberg comes "Look Up," a graphic design that includes shooting stars against a night sky that eventually fall to Earth and explode on impact.

For his "Wild Wild World," Isidro Estevez created an inclusive view of life on the planet, a virtual warning to humans how our wild "Earth-mates" are disappearing.

For "You Are What You Eat," Maria Zavaleta designed a cascade of sprinkles to form various molecules found inside of a doughnut.

The sugar, water, hydrogen and other molecules fall onto it and land on a bed of sprinkles.

Emily Pacht's "Team Work" expresses how each small action plays a part in a larger system, reminding people that each job is essential, no matter how small.

Work by Dan Chen of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Denise Tsai of Massachusetts College of Art and Design and Michelle Moore of Montserrat College of Art round out the other student artwork on view on rotation at the BCEC.

For info, visit or Boston Cyberarts, its sponsoring organization, at