The Clean Green Challenge is Back for Round 3!

About the Clean Green Challenge

The Clean Green Challenge is the UMass Lowell Innovation Hub's biggest annual program on the Lowell Campus.

Started in 2022, this global competition is dedicated to bringing the best sustainability-related technologies and solutions from around the world to the front and center. Through a competitive process finalists are selected to pitch their innovations to a panel of investors at the final pitch and networking event.

Today, the Innovation Hub is gearing up to launch the The Clean Green Challenge 2024: Round 3! This competition is accepting applications from innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, and established startups who are developing solutions in one of two areas. The first is Recycled Materials where applicants will need to address one of the multiple issues surround this topic. The second category will be Safer Chemicals where applicants will be focused on topics such as PFAS, pollution, and forever chemical projects!

Be sure not to miss this fast paced, energetic pitch contest - sure to be the best yet!

Applications Now Open

This year the Clean Green Challenge is looking for

  • Entrepreneurs working in an academic field, students, and early stage start ups!
  • Innovators in all stages
    • Generated some data on this topic?
    • Made an invention that is patentable or have already filed for intellectual property?
    • Started an early stage business in this field? Researching this subject as a student and have an idea? Get started now using the Clean Green Challenge application!
  • Frontrunners that are curious about creating or furthering a company to bring your technology to users or eager students interested in being apart of this research should apply!

If you fit ANY of those criteria, we highly encourage you to apply!

This year's application has two tracks:

  1. Recycled Materials
  2. Safer Chemicals

You can apply for one or both of these categories but we allow for one application per category. Feel free to apply for the other category in a separate application should you want to apply for both!

This event will be on April 4, 2024 and has an in-person, daylong time requirement for all finalists (8 a.m. to 8 p.m.). Please visit our Clean Green Challenge application for more details.

Clean Green Challenge application

Attendees will network with sustainability experts, see the latest innovations, and be part of something bigger! Don't miss out on this exciting pitch contest where finalists can win prizes worth thousands!

Purchase tickets through the Clean Green Challenge: Round 3 Eventbrite and use code "CGC3" for 50% OFF at checkout! The proceeds from all ticket sales will go to a sustainability focused charity to further the fight for a cleaner green!

Contact Kaylaundra Washington by email: with any questions.