John Kaag faculty bio headshot image.

John J. Kaag, Ph.D.


College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Dugan Hall - 2nd Floor


Aesthetics, Philosophy of Mind, American Philosophy

Research Interests

Aesthetics; American Philosophy; Author courses on Kant; Peirce; Dewey; James and Royce; Asian philosophy, ethics, history of philosophy, logic/epistemology, and the moral psychology philosophy of mind.


  • Ph.D.: Philosophy, (2007), University of Oregon - Eugene, OR
    Supporting Area: American Philosophy/History of Philosophy
  • Other: International Relations, (2005), University of Cambridge - Cambridge, United Kingdom
    Supporting Area: Politics and international security
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: "The UN in History, Theory, and Practice"
  • MA: Philosophy, (2003), Pennsylvania State University - Middletown, PA
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: "Re-turning: A Philosophic Revisiting of the Aesthetic"

Selected Publications

  • Kaag, J.J. (2018). Hiking with Nietzsche : On Becoming Who You Are.
  • Kaag, J.J. (2016). American Philosophy: A Love Story.
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