UMass Lowell engages in a variety of partnership and collaborative activities that exchange knowledge and resources between the university and the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

This includes community-engaged partnerships that address a community need while advancing university teaching, research, service, and economic development. Partnerships can span from local to global communities, be funded or unfunded activities, and are often associated with nonprofits, government offices, community groups or individuals.

  • Community-engaged teaching and learning can include credit or non-credit bearing academic programs or learning activities conducted for public understanding. 
  • Community-engaged research and creative activities attempt to address problems experienced within society in partnership or collaboratively with nonprofit, governmental, foundation, community groups or individuals, or private entities. 
  • Community-engaged service includes client and patient-directed care (e.g. clinical services), technical assistance, or direct community service not associated with academic programming. 
  • Community-engaged economic development includes research on the economy at the macro and micro levels, workforce development, business development, and assistance and support of university and industry research that can have commercial application.