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Online Resources

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  • Yoga with Martha:
    50 minute yoga class geared towards multiple levels.

  • HIIT with Rebecca:
    30 minute high intensity interval training for a total body workout

  • 10 moves in 10 minutes:
    10 minutes and 10 exercises you can complete any time of day on it’s own or before / after a workout.

  • Cardio Kickbox with Diana:
    40 minute cardio kicbox class, punch, kick all to the beat of music for a cardio workout.

  • Barre with Diana:
    40 minute barre class a blend of Pilates, ballet, and yoga for a full body low impact workout.

  • Dumbbell Circuit with Diana:
    15 minute upper body circuit using dumbbells

  • Cardio Dance with Diana:
    30 minute cardio dance class, move, sweat and smile.