Student Feedback on Instruction Reports and Results

How can I find details on current surveys?

Faculty included in any given survey receive an email from the UMass Lowell (UML) Student Feedback on Instruction Team on the day the survey opens, and response rate updates every 4th day until the survey reaches 100% completion or on the day the survey closes. Faculty can also login using the link provided in the email to monitor response rates, view the survey, and check on survey close dates.

Faculty can also login to see Course Evaluations.

How do I see the questions for an active survey?

  • Go to My Reports – for each active survey
  • Select the gear icon – View Survey Form

When do I receive survey results?

Survey results are provided approximately two weeks after the course ends. Active surveys will be marked as “report unavailable” with a report release date below.

How to I find survey results?

Survey reports, when available, can be found on your Anthology Course Evaluation home page.

  • Current surveys and recently released reports appear on the home page under the My Reports module. Faculty can view reports or export to pdf (select the gear icon).

How do I find previous reports?

  1. Select the Reports icon – Evaluation Reports
  2. You may need to modify the “Year” and “Period” to view reports in the Evaluation Reports module.
  3. Faculty can view the report in a browser window, or export it as either a PDF or CSV file.

What information appears in the Survey Intelligence Report?

The Survey Intelligence Report (SIR) provides a condensed summary of results in a given semester. It shows the mean, median, and count for each scaled, instructor-focused item and an overall average for the semester.

Individual faculty will see one row that shows the combined data for all of the SFI-surveyed courses they taught in the selected semester.

Department chairs will see one row for each SFI-surveyed faculty member in their department, each row shows the combined data for all courses taught by that faculty member in the selected semester.

  • Select the Reports icon – Survey Intelligence Report
  • Select the semester you want to review
  • View the report in a browser window, or export it as either a PDF or CSV file.

Will reports be provided in hard copy?

Faculty and Department Chairs can self-serve in the Course Evaluations portal.  Hard copies have been eliminated, and results come much earlier.