UMOVE Director

UMOVE Co-Directors

UMOVE Center Researchers

  • David Cornell, DPT, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor, Assistant Director of the Health Assessment Laboratory
    Physical Therapy and Kinesiology

    Sports Medicine; Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention; Health, Fitness, & Performance Enhancement

  • Lynne Gauthier
    Associate Professor, UMOVE Center Researcher
    Physical Therapy and Kinesiology, Health Assessment Laboratory (HAL), UMOVE

    Neurorehabilitation, Gaming for Telerehabilitation, Motion capture outside of laboratory settings, Neuroimaging, Neurocapacity and Behavior Change

  • Pei-Chun Kao, P.T., Ph.D.
    Associate Professor, Scientific Lead in Robot-Assisted Movement Biomechanics, NERVE Center, UMOVE Center Researcher
    Physical Therapy and Kinesiology

    Gait rehabilitation, biomechanics and neuromuscular control of human walking

  • Kelsey Mangano, Ph.D., RDN
    Associate Professor, Undergraduate Nutrition Program Director
    Biomedical & Nutritional Sciences, Climate Change Initiative, Health Assessment Laboratory (HAL)

    Nutritional Epidemiology; Nutritional Sciences; Clinical Trials; Gut Microbiome; Musculoskeletal Aging

  • Sabrina Noel, Ph.D., RD
    Associate Professor, Director for Community Engagement, Center for Population Health, Director of the Health Assessment Laboratory
    Biomedical & Nutritional Sciences

    Nutritional Epidemiology, Dietary Assessment, Musculoskeletal Aging, and Health Disparities