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  • Dr. Feng-Song Wang
    Post Doctoral Associate, 1994.  Currently Associate Professor at Purdue University.
  • Dr. Cheolwha Jung
    Ph.D., 1997. Post Doc Associate in the laboratory of Dr. Xu at UMass Worcester 1997-2002; Research Assistant Professor in this Laboratory 2003-present
  • Dr. Corrine Cressman
    Post-Doctoral Associate, 1994-1996.
  • Dr. Fatma Ekinci
    Ph.D., 1999
  • Dr. Jason Yabe
    Ph.D., 1999 and Post Doc for a year. Computer wizard in LA.
  • Dr. Pei (Becky) Ho
    Ph.D., 2002. Staff Scientist at Harvard's Laboratory for Drug Discovery in Neurodegeneration.
  • Dr. Walter Kong-Ho Chan
  • Maria Dawn-Linsley
    Research Associate during her undergrad years. Also working away in biotech.
  • Dr. Sirikarnt Dhitavat
    Ph.D., 2003 with E. Rivera of this department
  • Dr. Flaubert Tchantchou
    Ph.D., 2005. Currently with Professor Yuan Lou at Johns Hopkins.
  • Dr. Amy Chan
  • Dr. Maya Dubey
    Ph.D., 2007
  • Dr. James Suchy