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  • JAN

    During this virtual BYO Lunch & Learn you will learn the basics about how medical device & biotech ventures get financed and how that impacts your company and you as an individual. Various topics will be covered, including:
    - The importance of planning
    - Pitching to investors
    - What investor types to target/prioritize and their link to company stage and strategy
    - How dilution and vesting can impact you personally

    12:00 PM
  • JAN

    Medical devices are becoming increasingly cloud-connected. What used to be a technology only deployed by the largest, most well-funded companies is now becoming a core requirement of most medical device startups. Cloud connectivity in medical device can be a complicated, not well documented, risky process. In this presentation, Abbas Dhilawala, CTO of Galen Data, will describe the core, software, hardware, and regulatory considerations critical for success. For companies developing devices with a cloud dependency, investors in medical device companies, or those who have a general interest in medical device innovation, please join us for this informative webinar and Q&A session.

    12:00 PM