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Fabric Discovery Center (FDC)

The Future of Functional Fabrics is Here

Where small businesses, startups and large organizations turn ideas into valuable solutions.

The UMass Lowell Fabric Discovery Center is home to the first and only site in the nation that integrates discoveries from three Manufacturing USA Innovation Institutes.

110 Canal Street building

The 28,000-square foot Fabric Discovery Center located at 110 Canal St. in downtown Lowell features dedicated space for design, prototyping, pilot manufacturing and testing.

Use an Integrated Approach to Develop Functional Fabrics

The synergy between high-tech fabrics and flexible electronics combined with robotics could change the world. Just imagine developing products such as:

  • Fabrics that respond to temperature changes.
  • Fire resistant fabrics made from materials found in nature.
  • Fabrics that prevent water, oil or chemical penetration.
  • Fibers with self-healing nanocapsules.
  • Medical textiles that heal wounds, devices that prevent stroke.
  • Wearable electronics embedded in shirts and shoes that measure vital signs.
  • Power generating clothes, briefcase or shelter via weaveable organic photovoltaics.

To advance manufacturing, spark innovation and train workers for higher paying jobs, Massachusetts made a substantial commitment to develop the Manufacturing USA infrastructure within the state’s academic, research and manufacturing industry. 

  • MAR

    Diversity in STEM Panel Discussion

    In celebration of International Women's Week and Lowell Women's Week, the Innovation Hub and Women Accelerators are co-hosting a panel discussion to help others learn how to tackle challenges to create inclusive STEM environments.

    Event is free.  Registration is required,

    12:00 PM
  • MAR

    All are welcome to the iHub's lunch and learn series with Glynn Lloyd, CEO of Mill Cities Community Investments and Executive Director of the Foundation for Business Equity, and Aaron Lackman, Commercial Services Manager of MCCI. MCCI supports small businesses with access to capital, education programs and support on grant and loan applications. MCCI also administers a loan fund exclusively for Haverhill-based businesses.

    12:00 PM
  • APR

    The iHub Lunch and Learn series continues with City of Haverhill officials Allison Heartquist, Chief of Staff to Mayor James Fiorentini, and Pam Price, Assistant Director of Economic Development, to offer information and updates on businesses resources, grant programs and the city’s vaccination roll out plan.

    12:00 PM
  • MAY

    All are welcome to the iHub's lunch and learn series with Maria Di Stefano, Northeast Regional Director, Massachusetts Office of Business Development who will provide resources and updates on state programs, collaborations and opportunities for all types of businesses. This networking workshop is ideal for startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to connect with others in the region and learn about resources and support for businesses, especially as the economy emerges from what we hope is the worst of the pandemic crisis.

    12:00 PM

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