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Testing Capabilities


ASTM High-Speed Air Cannon for baseball and softball bat testing

Current air cannon testing system meeting the ASTM standard test method for high speed baseball/softball performance testing.

Meets: ASTM F2219


Automated Durability Testing with High-Speed Air Cannon

New automated air cannon bat durability system with the capability of firing baseballs 50-200 miles per hour every 5 seconds.

Dynamic Stiffness Machine

Dynamic Stiffness Testing

High-speed air cannon with state-of-the-art speed gates and load cells for measuring the dynamic stiffness and high-speed Cylindrical Coefficient of Restitution (CCOR) of baseballs.


COR (Coefficient of Restitution) for baseballs

Pitching machine in combination with ballistic speed gates to measure the "liveliness" of a baseball.

Meets: ASTM F1887


Testing Moment of Inertia of bats

Pendulum setup for measuring bat moment of inertia

Meets: ASTM F2398


Modal Testing

Modal (vibration) testing of the bats is performed using various acquisition systems available to the lab. Testing capabilities include Bending Frequencies, Hoop Frequencies, and Bending Nodes.


High-Speed Video

The Redlake HG100K High-Speed Camera is capable of recording 100,000 FPS. This system can be used with any of the high-speed testing, but is commonly used with the Durability Testing System with recording speeds of 3000 FPS and 944(T) x 512(w) resolution.


Barrel Compression Testing

The Barrel Compression fixture is capable of measuring the barrel compression of baseball bats (adult and youth) and softball bats.


Ball dissections and testing of individual material contents

Ability to measure weights and circumferences of each layer of the ball as it is unwound. Test includes wool content and pill measurements.

The Baseball Research Center also has access to an array of other testing and research capabilities through the other research laboratories in the Mechanical Engineering Department and throughout the Francis College of Engineering.