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Goods Over $25k

Goods Greater than $25k per fiscal year

Competitive Requirements for goods (including equipment or real property) and licenses (including software) greater than $25,000 per fiscal year:

Option 1

Although Vendors on University, State (OSD) and Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC) and Educational and Institutional Cooperative (E&I) contracts offer pre-negotiated pricing, on orders that exceed $25,000, the University can often achieve higher value though the formal bid process.

Option 2

Select a vendor from a Competitive Bid Process.

The Purchasing & Strategic Contracting Office coordinates and manages all competitive bids and proposals for UMass Lowell.  We can assist you in developing the required documents and can help guide you through the entire bid process.

For more information regarding the Competitive Bid Process, or to initiate a Competitive Bid, please contact us at

Option 3

Note:  All Selection of Source: Sole Source Justification forms must be signed by a Vice President and approved by the Director of Procurement.  A Selection of Source Selection of Source Justification may only be used if the following conditions exist:
  • The product being purchased is unique and the specified vendor is the only vendor from whom the product may be purchased, or,
  • Similar products may exist, but for reasons of expertise, standardization, quality, compatibility with existing equipment, specifications or availability, the vendor selected is the only acceptable vendor to the University.
  • Requester must establish that the price proposed represent the best value to the University and that the vendor has accepted the University Standard Terms and Conditions.

Purchasing Requirements (all options):

  • A purchase requisition must be entered and approved in the UMass BuyWays system.
  • If a University, State (OSD) or Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC) or Educational and Institutional Cooperative (E&I) contracted vendor is used, the contract must be selected in the UMass BuyWays Requisition.
  • The three competitive price quotations received or a Selection of Source: Sole Source Justification form must be attached as an internal attachment to the UMass BuyWays Requisition.
  • Requisitions will not be approved in UMass BuyWays until all required documents are attached to the UMass BuyWays requisition.