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A single vendor database is centrally maintained for the entire University of Massachusetts system. Individual campus departments assemble the requisite information and then UMass Lowell’s Accounts Payable Department forwards it to the Amherst campus for processing.

Adding a New Vendor

Accounts Payable will forward the requisite information to Amherst once a department confirms the vendor is/will be doing active business with the University and that department submits a Vendor Update Form with a W-9 form (pdf).

For foreign vendors who are/will be doing active business with the University, the Vendor Update Form (pdf) first must be submitted to the Office of Institutional Compliance with the completed W-8 BEN form (pdf) for review. Upon approval, Institutional Compliance will then forward the paperwork to Accounts Payable for processing.

Once all paperwork is received, UMass Lowell’s Accounts Payable must then vet the vendor through a number of different databases for security and tax compliance, and upon successful completion, submit the request to the Amherst campus, which will then assign a vendor number.  

Once all documentation is received and the vendor number is assigned, UMass Lowell’s Accounts Payable department will e-mail the department requester with the vendor information. Turnaround time for the full process is approximately 3-4 business days.

Change/Update of Information for Active Vendors

If a department receives notification from a vendor regarding a change, please notify UMass Lowell’s Accounts Payable as soon as possible.

Inactive Vendors

The University periodically reviews our vendor database and will inactivate vendor records who have not done business with the University over a period of time. Inactive Vendors may be reactivated upon submission of a Vendor Update Form (pdf) and a new W-9 form (pdf).