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University Earns HeartSafe Designation

Commitment to Lifesaving Recognized

UMass Lowell Image
UMass Lowell’s emergency medical services train students in CPR.

By Jill Gambon

UMass Lowell has been designated a HeartSafe campus in recognition of its commitment to training and awareness of emergency cardiac care.
The designation was recently awarded by the National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation at its annual conference. UMass Lowell is only the second university in the state to earn the HeartSafe designation.

“This honor demonstrates the University’s commitment to keeping our campus and community healthy and safe,” says Richard Lemoine, director of environmental & emergency management.

To earn a HeartSafe designation, institutions must meet specific criteria to ensure that anyone suffering sudden cardiac arrest on campus will have the best possible chance for recovery.  The requirements include providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training to the campus community and equipping all emergency vehicles with automated external defibrillators.
UMass Lowell’s Emergency Medical Services, which includes 30 students who are certified Emergency Medical Technicians, respond to medical emergencies on campus and provide CPR training to students, faculty and staff.  The service operates around the clock during the academic year.
Over the past year, EMS taught more than 30 CPR classes, according to John Casey, campus emergency management coordinator. During a single week last fall, more than 800 students, faculty and staff were certified in hands-only CPR. In total, some 1,300 people at UMass Lowell are trained in CPR, Casey says.

“The HeartSafe designation is a sign that we are doing the right thing,” Casey says.
Formed nearly 30 years ago, UMass Lowell EMS has responded to thousands of calls ranging from minor injuries to serious medical situations. Many alumni of the program have gone on to careers in health care and public safety.